Challenge – Game 1 – 4 Corner Pool

Original game by: Morris, Nelson, Richard, and Vincent

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

The objective of the game is to see which robot completes the challenge in the shortest amount time. The focus of the game is to picking up balls from their starting position and placing them at the corner holders of the field. There are only be four balls lining up against the wall of the field. Each holder only fits one ball so the robot must use their fastest time to get every ball in every holder on the field. In order to get to the balls, the robot must go around the obstacles.

The game will be played by one robot or by two robots at the same time.

The robot playfield can range in various sizes.  The obstacles can also be changed to fit the various level of complexity required.  The robot must not be larger than 9″ wide, 18″ long, 14” high.

This is a Driver Controlled (Driver Mode) activity.

A Stop Watch is required.


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