Challenge – Maze Challenge

The object of the game is to complete the maze in the shortest time possible.

Each robot team consist of a robot and one human driver per match. There are no limits as to the number of human drivers per robot team, but each driver can only drive one designated robot per event.

Maze Challenge is played on a ‘4 feet by 4 feet’ robotics table, the driving area is approximately 9 inches wide.

The exact maze pattern will be debut at the event.

All drivers must stay within the designated ‘driver zone’ at all times during the match play.

Robot(s) for this game may be: VEX-EDR, VEX-IQ, or LEGO Mindstorms.

This game is a ‘Timed’ challenge to see who can complete the maze the fastest.

This is a Driver Controlled (Driver Mode) activity.

This game can be set for Program Controlled (Autonomous Mode), for advance users.

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