Challenge – Robot Hockey


This game is played on a 8 feet by 8 feet robot play field, with two robot teams competing against each other.  Each robot team is made up of 2 robots as an alliance team.  The object of this game is to move as many game objects into your goal area within the allotted time.  You may enter your opponent’s goal area and de-score their game objects.  Therefore you should also protect the game objects in your area.  Best advice, have other members of your team that is not driving to act as a spotter for you.

Advance Game – Program the bumper switch to act as a ‘Freeze’ for 3 seconds to increase the level of complexity of the game.

Suggestion – Game time – 60 to 90 seconds

Game Objects – Small Balls (5 points), Large Balls (10 points), Rings (15 points), a ring with a ball in it (10 points bonus).

This is a Driver Controlled (Driver Mode) activity.



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