FLOWOL – Programming Tutorials

Step 1 – Launch FLOWOL v4

Step 2 – Change the country setting to Canada (this will allow you to use a larger number of Mimics – simulations)

Please download the following link to begin the FLOWOL Tutorial: (Link)

Read chapter 1 and 2

Start with tutorials listed on chapter 3.  Best to have chapter 3 printed on paper and work with it as a reference guide.

Complete the following tutorials:

Zebra Crossing
Crossing Patrol
Double Traffic Lights
The Light House (Subroutine) – Advance
The Mobile – Advance
Big Wheel/Ferris Wheel – Advance
The Level Crossing/Railroad Crossing – Advance

Teacher Check Off Sheet:
FLOWOL 4 – Tutorials – Chapter 3 (docx)

If you have question(s), please email Brian Yu byu@vsb.bc.ca

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