LEGO NXT – Android APP

When the LEGO NXT robot was released to the consumer market, it was only meant to be a programmable robot only.  However, with built in the BlueTooth function, it leaves many hobbiest and hackers wandering if the LEGO NXT robot can be operated using a BlueTooth connected device as a remote controller.

The popularity of the smart phone lends itself to be the NXT’s remote solution.

Recently, a programmer name Jacek Fedoryński created an app which coverts the Android operated hand held device into the remote control for the LEGO NXT robot.  Although there were many attempts in the past to create a stable and reliable app, this one works. This app allows the users to remote control their NXT robot like a remote control car.

The app can be downloaded via Google Play store or online:

For complete video instruction on how to connect your smart phone to the NXT robot:

This app does work with iPhone or any Apple related device.

LEGO’s EV3 robotics product has the ability to connect to iPhone related product via a download app from the iTune store.

Lastly, I cannot take credit for this discovery; this app was shown to me by a grade 9 student from Nanaimo during my pro-d workshop there.

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