Hello Everyone,

The purpose of this website is to help bring robotics technology to elementary and jr. high schools.  In my past experiences, I have seen the benefits of being involved with robotics at a young age.  These kids tend to grow up to be exceptional digital citizens of our technological world.

Within this site, you will find educational resources to support your classroom delivery.   Additional workshops, and pro-d events will be available for for you and your staff.  Robotics events are also available for your students.

This site contains downloadable PDF files, demo videos, and pictures.  Additional YouTube links are also provided to link to other educational videos available online. The more kids we have touching robots, the more we will be able to help our students to be familiar with technology.

Please send me an email if you are using the materials from this site, so that I can send you additional updates and suggestions.

Brian Yu
Gladstone Secondary School – Vancouver

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